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SUNCOM Systems - Software for a happier Internet!



Platform for Web-Shops

Nomina Paraguay

Statistics about spendings for public workers in Paraguay

Clasified Ads

Clasified Ads for Paraguay


Search for Paraguayan Tax Numbers


Know-how and Technology for Software-Development

JavaScript, Meteor, Scala, Java, Groovy, J2EE, Play, AspectJ, Spring

Data, Process, Tool

Elasticsearch, Lucene, MongoDB, Scrum, Git, Mercurial, Redmine

Individual Software Solutions

Developmet and coordination of your projects - incl. Off-Shore

Architecture-Reviews, Research-Support, Analysises

  • Performance, Security, Scalability
  • Efficient Introduction of new Technologies
  • Analytic Investigations

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

Albert Einstein

Make plans by seeking advice.

Proverbs 20,18